Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Rosie the Elephant

Well, here's the last model that I did for our senior BFA class this semester. Her name is Rosie, and the character design was done by Rebbaz Royee (a viz dev student in my class). The modeler's assignment this time around was to choose a character design from one of the previous assignments of the semester and then model, texture, and light it. I chose Rebbaz's elephant because I thought that she had a lot of personality and was in a really cute pose. I also really like the way her trunk is designed and the pose it is in as well. I do love animals, thus I chose an animal to model! I had a lot of fun with this piece and am pleased with the way that it turned out.

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Aletta said...

Lainey! I found your blog :)
Great job on this piece btw, I still think it looks the most solid out of all the cool stuff you've made this semester.